Face masks. Something that no one gave thought to in 2019 has now been a worldwide trend in 2020 and 2021. Face masks are generally used to prevent others around you from getting sick, but there are many different types of masks that have surfaced since the rise of the coronavirus. Each mask has different materials and purposes.

The N95 Face Respirator

Probably the most effective type of mask against the coronavirus is the N95. These are designed to filter out 95% of the air that you breathe, which helps them be so effective. While some masks are designed to help others from your sickness, this type of mask also gives you personal protection. These masks are good both for the coronavirus and severe pollution.

The Surgical Mask

These masks are very common and can help filter about 60% of the small air particles around you. Surgical masks are meant to be disposed of, and typically should be thrown out after each use. The best part about them is that you can buy wholesale face masks easily, and stock up in bulk so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have a mask on hand before leaving the house!

The Cloth Mask

These DIY masks have become very popular for small, independent shops as it is an easy way to generate more income during the cold and flu season. These masks can vary in their effectiveness based on how many layers are in the mask, and the quality of cloth used. Cloth masks that use high-quality materials and layer their masks can be up to 90% effective; however, most cloth masks are about 50% effective. While not the most effective mask, they are certainly the easiest to purchase and can be worn again and again, provided they are washed after each use.

Other face coverings, such as bandanas or balaclavas, are less effective as they are not masks and do not fully cover or protect you from the particles you breathe. Other masks with filters must be carefully considered, as these filter out the air around you. This means you have more chance of breathing the air of an infected person. Stock up on the correct masks during the winter months to help protect yourself and others around you.